Faulty plumbing is the most common root of all house repairs. Properties suffer from plumbing leaks that were left unattended until it was too late. Only then will the problem be addressed. Instead of fixing the problem right away with a couple of dollars, You are now faced with hundreds of dollars in plumbing fees.

Most of the time, plumbing problems in the house do not need the help of professionals. If you have a basic understanding of how the plumbing system works, you can arm yourself with the basic plumbing tools and address the problem. Also, with knowledge of plumbing requirements on your side, you’ll when it is time to call professional plumbers. Turn to the trusted backflow prevention experts on our team to protect your fresh water supply in your home or business.

The Basics of Plumbing and Pipeline

Do not faint at the sight of all pipes going in many directions. Home plumbing, and plumbing in general, is simple and straightforward.

A basic plumbing and pipeline system has two main parts, the water supply system and the drain-water vent system (MWV).

This is the basic plumbing and pipeline system found in houses and residential buildings.

Water Supply System

The first system deals with the supply of freshwater going into your home. The freshwater in your home comes from either of the two sources commonly available: City Water and Wells. Both of these sources rely on water pressure to make sure freshwater flows into your home.

Outside your house, the main pipe of the city’s water system lies parallel to your street. This is where your house taps water for freshwater supply.

For those who can’t access the city’s water supply, the next source of water will be the wells. You’ll need pumps that provide enough pressure to make the freshwater flow to your water tank or directly to your faucets. If your pump can’t produce enough water pressure, some parts of the house may experience difficulty with the water flow.

Yout main pipe is attached to a water meter. This is equipped with a shutoff valve for emergencies and in the case of repairs in the plumbing and pipelines in the house.

Water Supply System Maintenance

Water has a great impact on the physical condition of the house. In fact, in most repairs, water is the number one culprit behind damages.

Perfect leak-proof plumbing and pipeline installation is just the first half of winning against plumbing problems. Time is your next enemy to conquer.

The truth of the matter is, everything in the house, including the house itself, disintegrates with time. Water pressure may cause pipe connections to move, pipes begin to leak, and random things become trapped in the pipes.

The first thing that needs to be consistent in your plumbing and pipeline is high water pressure. A plumbing system with high water pressure detects leaks easily. A leak is possible when the water pressure suddenly turns low.

Drain Water Vent (DWV) System

The Drain Water Vent (DWV) System is a more complex system than Water Supply System. This system relies on gravity to work. The DWV is composed of three main elements: drain traps, drainpipes, and drain vents.

Drain Traps. Drain Traps are commonly known as P Traps. These are pipes with a U shape whose main role is to stop wastewater from going back to a fixture or what we call a backflow. These pipes come in bigger sizes than water supply system pipes to avoid blockage.

The Drain Traps hold water to stop the gas from the sewers to flow to your house. Its design allows materials like hair, grease, and other debris to settle for easy removal when clogs occur.

Drain Vents. The main function of drain vents is to make sure water in the drains flows smoothly. In a closed system, water flows in a frenzy. But with the introduction of air into the system, water will flow uninterrupted in one smooth motion.

Drain Water Vent (DWV) System Maintenance

Since clogging has been identified as the biggest threat to this system, you have to be vigilant of the materials that usually cause clogs to a system.

In the bathroom, hair is the number one culprit behind clogging. In the kitchen, on the other hand, grease and food debris are the top reason for clogging.

In the water supply system, water pressure is the best tool to diagnose a problem. With the DWV system, watch out for molds, foul smell, and damp areas.


Getting a solid understanding of the plumbing system in your house will save you a lot of cash and help you avoid headaches. It will help you in troubleshooting plumbing and pipeline problems and possibly address them yourself. In the case of needing professional help, you will immediately know if the quote provided by the plumbing company is reasonable or if they just want to extend the bill.

Now, go and take a look if the pipes in your house are in their optimal condition.