Start-up or established, every entrepreneur wants his/her online business website to gain prominence! And by that it means, getting noted by more online visitors and potential customers, by getting for search queries, more credible and quality backlinks, increasing amount of online orders leading to an expanded revenue stream. But this entire positive outcome doesn’t happen overnight. SEO is a gradual process of trial and error. You will have to keep trying till you decode the ideal

SEO strategy mix for you.

Since Google is always changing with its algorithm updates, SEO changes as well. It means you can’t be having one SEO strategy format and follow it for a decade or half a decade. In reality, you need to assess your SEO annually keeping in mind the Google updates. SEO is in a constant state of flux, and you need to keep a tab on the changing SEO trends, to customize the best SEO strategy. For this you can count on the seven SEO tactics that are discussed below:

1. Switch to long blog posts

For long we’ve heard that customers have a short attention span. And hence, we need to sum up our blogs and articles within 400 to 500 words. But the trend has taken a drastic change. Today, the average online user is cyber-savvy and is here to find relevant inputs for their online search. While a long boring content that has nothing informative to provide, a sketchy short content touching upon a few critical points, with zero explanation too is not desirable.

Online readers search for clarity through information and demonstration. It is the reason why you need to make a switch to long blog post content. Here you can elaborate an idea in the best way possible. You can explain your points and elucidate on the facts, making use of relevant examples. You can also take references from case studies and link it to your blog. This way the blog post will gain authenticity. The blog will carry a voice for itself. Concerning the word count, you can keep it ideally between 1500 to 2000 words. Also, substantiate your blog with relevant statistics, pictures, infographic as well as essential video feeds and content. It will take your content to a new paradigm.

2. Always refresh your old content

The primary objective of SEO is to make your website still have online visibility. Your customers should never be in an oblivion of your site. There can be temporary pauses, but you must claim your active online presence always. And for this, you need fresh and interesting content. As you create new content, you also need to be aware of the existing old content. You just can’t delete the old content as it has served your SEO objectives well. That aside, your old content might have to have the best information in it. The ideal choice here is to tweak the existing old content and fresh it. So that the online users feel that they are reading fresh new material.

You can change a few points in the blog post. But ensure that the changes you make is in perfect sync with the essence and flow of the blog.

3. It is crucial to have access to high-end backlinks

The moment a website has increased Domain Authority linked that are linked back to the site, your believability maximizes. The quality backlinks are assisting you in attaining a competitive edge over the other market players. The search engines find high-end backlinks a sign of credibility. Hence, you need to ensure there are many backlinks to provide your high ranks. Consider this to be one of the most important SEO tactics that will impact the website score.

Guest blogging is one of the best ways that enable you to get high-quality backlinks. It allows you to get in touch with social influencers.

4. Optimize for mobile

Most people today search for information from Smartphone. Hence, you need to have your websites optimized for mobile as well. If a site opens appropriately in the desktop, laptop and has problems in fitting to the screen in mobile and tablet devices, the search engine rank will get affected. This way you can also expect more online organic web traffic as well.

5. Make the needs of your target audience a priority

Your website is created and launched so that you and your target customers can connect. Hence, without your target customers, your existence becomes questionable. Therefore, it is essential that you ensure your content focuses on the needs and pain points of the customers. This way they will feel more connected to your website and would love to browse around and read the content that they like best. Sometimes, customers can also share your site on Facebook or other social media channels that can help you gain other customers as well.

6. Write your content in a conversational tone

Your website content should be high-quality, but not complicated to read. For this, you need to set aside the typical verbose tone that many people might suggest you to. Instead of that scan your content and brainstorm. You will be able to think of a new way of writing. Hence, it is essential that the content gets written in a relaxed and colloquial manner. Also, ensure that your website is error free.

7. You can try and use the internal links

Attracting an online user to a company homepage is not ideally the best objective. It is essential to spend a bit more time on the site concerning reading daily articles. You can attain this as that’s the only way he could get a day off. Visit (ADELSEO) for more info.
The moment all your content gets linked, naturally it helps your website to come up with structured content. It is one SEO tactic that makes sure that the webs spiders in Google will craw through the online content.

These are seven steps that are simple and easy to use. You can implement the same, after consulting your SEO service provider.